M.I.C.E (Meeting – Incentive – Congress – Event)

What will you need in meetings and congress?

As priority, you would need a team that shall offer a solution in all of your needs during your meeting and congress organizations. In today`s conditions, traditional list of technical equipment to be used during event (sound system, microphone, stand, projector and projection screen, photocopy machine, simultaneous system, etc.) shall not be sufficient to hold an effective meeting. You may require some additional services such as decoration products with logos, promotional products, venue decoration, professional color and lighting ambience, additional products supporting main products, animation shows and interactive solutions in order to reflect corporate identity and product features in product and company promotions. In this context, we would be happy to provide you professional services in all of aforementioned areas.
Services provided by La Capella Organization in meetings and congress;
Sound and Visual Systems
Projector and Projection Screen
Led Screen and Led TV
Head set, Lapel Microphone, Wireless Microphone and Cable Microphone Services
Technician Support
Laptop, CD/DVD Player Support
Presentation Controller
Laser Pointer
Stand and Welcoming Support Services
Cameraman and Photographer
Robot and Led Washes
Decorator and Designer
Web Master
Host and Hostess
Animator and Presenter
Table and Chair decorations
Advertising and Promotion Services
antalya meeting and congress organizations
antalya sound light and visual systems
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