M.I.C.E (Meeting – Incentive – Congress – Event)

Points to take into consideration in Incentive Programs

Incentive is based on motivation and productivity. Incentive programs to be developed should particularly include these two elements. Tours, dining organizations, visits, cultural activities and similar activities are factors promoting motivation and productivity. Including team workshops in incentive programs in additions to tours, visits and dinners shall enable you to obtain results closer to targeted objective. Games designed by professional psychologists shall enable you to know your employees better and your employees shall support your company in enhancing the commitment and productivity by establishing strong links among each other.
As La Capella Organization we are happy to create high quality solutions in your incentive programs. We ensure objective consistent services by reporting all services we provided with an accompanying psychologist both in organizational and team building activities. We provide substantial part of services such as professional game parks, animators, presenters, game equipment from our own resources. Thus we are able to provide fast and economic professional services.
We are happy to offer special tours and visits with our contracted boat with a capacity of 200 persons, our buses and tour guides.
What is offered with La Capella Incentive?
Air Game Parks
Professional Animation Services
Portable sound systems
Presenter Service
Team building activities organized in collaboration with a psychologist
Game parks specially designed for your company
Yacht and Nature Tours
Rafting Tours
Daytime Activities
Professional Reporting
antalya incentive and team building
antalya sound light and visual systems
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